What is a “custom” deck? For us, it means that we design your deck from the ground up with your needs in mind. New Fresh Homes uses a 3D modeling program to design your new deck, creating a realistic, high-resolution image of what the deck will look like. This 3D model is at the proper elevation, incorporates the materials we plan to use, and it even includes an approximate layout of the back of your home, meaning you can see exactly how your new deck will look in its setting. But building a custom deck is about more than 3D modeling. For us, it’s also about listening. Other deck companies have cookie-cutter projects that they try to pigeonhole every customer into. Regardless of your actual needs, these builders aim to build your deck as quickly and cheaply as possible.

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A custom deck can change both the appearance and function of a home by
increasing and enhancing its outdoor living space. If you’ve been looking for someone to construct a customized deck to complement your home,
remember to always look to the most experienced and knowledgeable
builders that you can find. For homeowners in Connecticut, it’s easy to locate deck builders that have the skills necessary to build a custom deck. Simply turn to New Fresh Homes. You don’t have to take our word for it, because we will gladly provide you with pages of testimonials from previous customers who are pleased with their new decks. In fact, due to our outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction, we have maintained a phenomenal A+ rating.

Why Choose New Fresh Homes for a Custom Deck?
Our initial planning meetings with you comprise the most important phase of the design. These meetings are where we learn about what you want and how you plan to use your new deck. Unlike other companies, we use this information to plan and design every single one of our decks. For example, if you have children, we’ll use child-safe materials and design railings to take kids into account. If you’re thinking of eventually converting the deck into a screened-in porch, we will design and build it with this future use in mind. A custom deck also means incorporating little touches that you won’t get from other deck companies. We often create beautiful “picture-frame” lumber layouts that highlight the beauty of your new deck. We can also build custom designs into the decking. Working with a custom decking company like New Fresh Homes means we listen to your needs so that we can build the personalized deck of your dreams. Our design process includes several iterations because we believe it’s important to get this vital step absolutely correct before moving into construction.
One of the reasons our customers are so happy with our custom deck building projects is our insistence on using only the finest materials available to us. Our assortment of decking materials includes durable and visually appealing products created by many of the industry’s top manufacturers, including:
And more
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