Like many modern families, you may have considered the idea of bringing
your extended family together by adding an in-law suite to your home. Maybe you’ve thought about adding an extended apartment with a separate entrance,complete kitchen, utility room, and more.
Perhaps you’ve imagined transforming that unused basement or garage
space into a functional apartment area with its own separate entryway. Or
maybe you just want to create a small, simple, private bedroom and bath
New Fresh Homes can help you with your in-law suite by offering a wide
variety of solutions, including ADA-compliance. We’ll work with you to create plans for various sizes, types of suites, and styles. We know how to make sure that your new addition will fit with the style and flow of your existing home.

The Benefits of In-Law Suite Additions
Many homeowners attempt to integrate families or family members within the
existing home. But it can add some complications that an in-law suite addition
can mitigate or alleviate. When you choose in-law suits, you gain:
● More space. An obvious answer, of course, but in-law additions can
provide you with ample space and facilities to accommodate those
integrating into your existing home. This can help drastically with logistics,
removing much of the stress that can come with in-laws moving into your
● Privacy retention. Privacy is the single most challenging aspect of family
integration. There are suddenly a lot more people in your home, and
continuing even the simplest of daily routines can become challenging. In-
law suites offer you and your family added privacy so that life can go on
stress-free, leaving you to simply enjoy the presence of your family
● Independence. If a family member is moving in with you after they retire
or because they’re aging, you are doing a wonderful thing for your family.
However, the loss of independence on your family member’s part can have a detrimental effect on mood and overall health. In-law suites give
them more independence, leading to a higher quality of life for everyone.
● Space versatility. In-law suites also present an excellent opportunity for
renovation. Oftentimes the additions are seen as a way to rearrange and
optimize your home, adding function, improving the overall design, and
leaving you with a newer, better home.

Our In-Law Suite Services
Our team of seasoned design and build professionals can fulfill all of your in-
law suite addition needs, including:
● Design and planning
● Custom floor plans and suite layouts
● New walls and drywall installation
● New flooring
● Bathroom area installation
● Kitchen or kitchenette installation
● New interior/exterior lighting
● Installation of new windows and doors
● Separate entryway solutions
● And more!

Superior In-Law Suite Design and Build Services

Regardless of your needs, our master craftsmen and seasoned design team
can accommodate. We’ve been providing homeowners throughout
Connecticut with superior service, quality design, and top-tier builds for over three decades, and our experts have all the knowledge and skills needed to meet your every request.

Our experts have built a reputation for being the best! Ready to get
started on your in-law suite planning? Contact New Fresh Homes online
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